Stress Free Sampler

You know I was wondering is it one of those days?  You know what I am talking about, where you just need to unwind and de-stress?  Well the Stress Free sampler is the answer you’ve been searching for, a simple little sampler of votives a soothing fragrances that can help you to unwind.  This is by far our biggest gift selection for many and personal selection as well and for good reason!  People love it!  You will too!  Time to unwind!

The Stress Free Sampler includes the following fragrances:

  • Mint Green/Sit and Relax Blend
  • Green/So Smooth Blend
  • Yellow / Afternoon In The Vineyard Blend
  • Lavender/Garden Party Blend
  • Grey/After The Rain Blend


Pick Your Samplers

The variety sampler set includes:

  • (2) Stress Free Samplers
  • (1) Energize ME Sampler