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Yes. You can handle the truth!

Apple Medley

More and more I see candlemakers, particularly those that want to be in the trend listing their candles as being made with essential oils.  Very cool, yet also very interesting as to why they forgot the rest of the statement. Perhaps they felt you couldn’t handle the rest of the truth?

I will be more than happy to tell you what I use in my candles.  Heck let me reiterate it right now.  My combinations / blends are made up both synthetic and essential oils that I design to create the best possible clean burn and the best possible life of the candle for you.  How is that different than what they said?  I admitted the truth, and then some.

You see at Fort Blenheim Candles I create combinations that are unique to my company.  I create scent combinations that I hope you want your home to smell like.  I create things that are different than the major chains and the suppliers provide straight up.  For example, I often start with base scents like bergamot or tobacco and build up from there.  Perhaps I use MacIntosh Apple this time of year.  As another example, green tea and lemongrass is not a combination it comes from a bottle, and yes it often has essential oils in it, but it does not always.  It has been around so long I do not remember who the original creator was, or who the original brand even was? 

Am I trying to call anyone out?  In the truest meaning of the word.  NO.  I am wanting you to be educated that marketing is marketing.  I have a passion for what I do.  I have a passion for treating people with a level of respect that I hope they treat me.  Where we can go from there is only way, up!  Things are only made better for both us. 

Be knowledgeable about what you buy.  Make sure that the company you buy from knows what they are doing and has a proven track record.  Too much today is done to teach people to make deplorable products but present it like it is a million bucks.  I think that is sad.  I think some one watched too many children’s movies and came to realize that they will never be a supervillain unless they have presentation!  You don’t need movie lines; what you need is a good quality item that you can rely upon. 

To wrap up, if you want to know what is in my candles, ask.  If you have any question reach out to me.  I would rather you be informed than dazzled.  Have a great day and enjoy the rest of the week.

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