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Windows 3×3 .2-An Update!

So, I created a little video for you to show the candle burning as I write this.  It has been burning this time for approximately 6 hours with proper trimming.  I have burned it a total of three times to achieve the look it presently has developed.  The initial burn if you recall was way over the recommended three to four hours beginning burn that I tell you to burn to set the life of a candle. As a result, this created the windows and very nearly cause much greater damage to the candle nearly leakage! 

I have since burned the candle for three hours, four and a half hours and now the six hours to reset the candle to a better situation.  Notice the candle still has the windows and that they are opening as the candle begins to sculpt its way downward.  The damage has been done though and it will not totally perform like usual.  Salvaging the candle is being done but the candle will never look like an ideal burn, yet that is okay.  Life isn’t ideal in every case; we simply move forward!

Notice that I even accidentally dropped some of the wick into the burn pool.  Welcome to life!  It happens, and there is no burn pool police to come and get me and the candle will be alright.  Sometimes things don’t always turn out like we want.  Just like the candle this time.  We do the best we can and keep on adjusting.  After all life is what happens when we are making plans, huh?

The candle will be alright.  It won’t be the greatest burn ever, but it will still be enjoyed by my family!  If you find yourself having to burn a candle a short amount of time?  Then burn it a little longer the next time and make sure to maintain the wick.  It will straighten out as a result moving forward in its life.  If you continue to do so though it will begin to tunnel.  And that can be bad news for your candle, no matter who makes the candle.  You see a candle should be burned an hour for each inch the candle is across a 3×3 should ideally be burned for at least three hours!  A 4-inch candle four hours, so forth.

In the event of tunneling if there is wick still available?  Make sure and maintain the wick properly but take the time to burn the candle for a rather long time to bring the candle current again.  This will help to revive the life of the candle. 

I’ll try and post one more time on the life of this candle if I can remember so that you can see the result.  Have a great evening and sleep well!,19
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