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Welcome to Windows 3×3

I wanted to take a moment and show you a candle that had been burned longer than its initial burn time.   In addition, this candle was not given any maintenance during its burn whatsoever and it developed some issues as a result, but it will be alright.  I often tell everyone that a 3” wide candle should be burned about 3-4 hours, remember?  Guess what happened to this one?  My youngest child wanted to burn a candle, and I had left this reject in the house for some testing.  They decided to burn it and that was fine.  They however, on the candles first burn did so for almost 8 hours!  Whoops!

Do you see those little windows that have formed?  The candle was extinguished before it decided to drip but it did form the little windows.  While it is impressive that this went that long, the question is why?  The reason is that it was never trimmed or centered.  You see the candle could have gone longer if the wick had been centered and trimmed back.  Do you see how long that wick has gotten to be, and my child never trimmed it back?  While I could be mad, nope I am not.  This makes for an excellent opportunity to show you that while the candles are very low maintenance, they are not totally maintenance free, sorry haven’t got that figured out yet!

I will continue to burn this candle and show you that it is not ruined.  This candle can come back from this and still be a great and enjoyable candle.  No need to break it, repair the side or anything of the sort.  Simple light it and enjoy it after properly trimming the wick and centering once it gets burning.

I hope you have a great evening and my this helps you in some way.  Take care.

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