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Have you enjoyed our Spring Garden Party Candle?  Wish to enjoy more? Or give them as gifts as well, then the subscription service allows you to do so with an excellent price and a convenient service.  Once a month they candle will be delivered for you via USPS and you do not have to deal with the travel or shipping.  A little way to make your life easier!

Looking for a something with more variety then check out our other subscriptions available as well.

Do you like to take a cup of tea in the garden from time to time?  Then this candle was made for you.  The thought behind this candle was a cup of chamomile tea in a lavender garden on a lovely spring afternoon with just the slightest hints of rose, it is a wonderful candle.  Toned in lavender tones and full of the smooth fragrances of spring it is soft and relaxing.  

  • The 3″ x 3″  octagon pillar lasts for approximately 65- 80 hours.
  • The 3″ x 4″  octagon pillar lasts for approximately 85-100 hours.

All candles are precision hand created in small batches from RSPO feather Palm.

As with each and every fragrance created it is thoroughly tested to insure a nice clean burning life.  In addition, as with all the candles it is drip-free, curl-free and low maintenance meaning you simply need to only light and enjoy!  As any good candle maker should tell you just put it on a candle plate!


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3×3 Octagon Pillar Candle, 3×4 Octagon Pillar Candle


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