I Like Candles!

$37.00 every 3 months

Would you like our candles delivered to you? “I Like Candles” may be your solution or a great gift also! For only $37.00 a quarter you’ll get two 3×3 Pillars delivered every three months! Feel free to take a look!


Have you ever considered a Candle Quarterly?  The quarterly, is a service that now allows you to enjoy our candles without the hassle of ordering or finding us.  It’s one less bother in life.  Once every three months, we will do the work for you. We’ll send to your home pillar candles for you to enjoy.

“I Like Candles” includes a pair of 3”x3” octagon pillars that will last about 65-80 hours each. This is intended for the occasional user that wants to enjoy candles but isn’t an avid candle user.  They do still use and appreciate great candles.  You can enjoy or share as a gift “I Like Candles” for only $37.00 a quarter.

Billed once a quarter through PayPal.  Your first package would arrive almost immediately, and then again in three months thereafter, continuing.  You’ll receive a complimentary email from us a few days before each package.  If you follow us on social media, you might even see your candles being packaged!

We’ll ship to your home seasonal candles when they are appropriate.  Yet, as members of the Quarterly, you’ll be entitled to the newest and latest fragrance creations before anyone else gets them!



Additional information

Weight 6.00 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in


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