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“The Tribute Candle…”  In life we often talk about the glass being half empty or half full… however, what about those moments in life when you have to keep going and have nothing left.  Your glass in empty and must continue?  Hence an empty glass is what I call this candle in tribute to my wife’s late mother who did just that.  She came to see us one last time this past spring in 2018 and was incredibly sick and we never knew it.  She came to see our daughter graduate and to see us like I said one last time.  She passed four months later within days of her 74th birthday.  I designed this candle after three things from where she lived, Arizona.  It is fragranced with pine needle for the Ponderosa pines, lavender which grows wild and marjoram for the wild oreganillo that grows out in the deserts surrounding the area.  Hued to look like empty glass this is a simple reminder to us all that we have moments in life where we run on empty and to cherish each and every moment with those we love.  Peace.

  • The 3″ x 3″  octagon pillar lasts for approximately 65- 80 hours.
  • The 3″ x 4″  octagon pillar lasts for approximately 85-100 hours.
  •  The votive six packs last 12-20 hours each votive.  With the votive holder included with each order they last approximately 15-18 hours depending on room temperature and environmental conditions.

In addition, each quarter we donate 15% of proceeds from this candle to the American Cancer Society in memory.  Thanks.

All candles are precision hand created in small batches from RSPO feather Palm.

As with each and every fragrance created it is thoroughly tested to insure a nice clean burning life.  In addition, as with all the candles it is drip-free, curl-free and low maintenance meaning you simply need to only light and enjoy!  As any good candle maker should tell you just put it on a candle plate!


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3×3 Octagon Pillar Candle, 3×4 Octagon Pillar Candle, 3×6 Octagon Pillar Candle, 6 pack votives


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