Cupid’s Arrow




Cupid’s Arrow – If you do not know the story of cupid it has a happy ending and when you catch up with me at a show, I’ll tell it to you!  This delightfully pink candle is in select series only and a smooth romantic calming candle just Besame Mucho.  Again, this candle is created around notes of both sandalwood and vetiver but this time it focuses more romantically with marjoram and is completed with the three vanillas – the vanilla bean, straight vanilla and even French vanilla.  Calm and smooth this pink candle is a smooth operator and its trusty arrow will strike your heart with love!

  • just enjoy The 3″ x 3″  octagon pillar lasts for approximately 65- 80 hours.

All candles are precision hand created in small batches from RSPO feather Palm.

As with each and every fragrance created it is thoroughly tested to insure a nice clean burning life.  In addition, as with all the candles it is drip-free, curl-free and low maintenance meaning you simply need to only light and enjoy!  As any good candle maker should tell you just put it on a candle plate, after that your candle!



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3×3 Octagon Pillar Candle, 3×4 Octagon Pillar Candle, 3×6 Octagon Pillar Candle, 6 pack votives


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