Christmas Romance




Christmas Romance

For so many this time of year is a time of true splendor and wonder.  It brings out the child in us all.  Feelings of good and hope abound.  At the same time as it brings forth hope it makes us think that much is possible and we embrace love and romance in our lives!  Christmas romance embodies that spirit with a brightly red hued candle.  The fragrance embodies the season with notes of things like Frankincense and Myrrh, Vanilla, Blackberry and Bergamot from around the season.  While it plays with the holiday scent it also embodies romance with subtle notes of vetiver, white tea and a touch of musk.  the notes are often subtle but enough to make you think of a subtle embrace or a graceful touch.  Romance and Christmas all together at once.  When cold nights and warm hearts come together. 


  • The 3″ x 3″  octagon pillar lasts for approximately 65- 80 hours.
  • The 3″ x 4″  octagon pillar lasts for approximately 85-100 hours.
  • The votive six packs last 12-20 hours each votive.  With the votive holder included with each order they last approximately 15-18 hours depending on room temperature and environmental conditions.

All candles are precision hand created in small batches from RSPO feather Palm.

As with each and every fragrance created it is thoroughly tested to insure a nice clean burning life.  In addition, as with all the candles it is drip-free, curl-free and low maintenance meaning you simply need to only light and enjoy!  As any good candle maker should tell you just put it on a candle plate, after that your candle!



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3×3 Octagon Pillar Candle, 3×4 Octagon Pillar Candle, 3×6 Octagon Pillar Candle, 6 pack votives


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