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Privacy Policy

 Post Date:  November 30, 2018

Welcome to the website known as hereafter known as “website.”

  1. We know how vital your privacy is to you especially in today’s times.  First off, let us state we will never sell, rent or offer your personal information to others.  In this day and age of piracy of personal information every effort is made to keep your information secure and from harm’s way.
  2. This document dictates our practices concerning both you as a visitor to our site or purchaser/ client of  Whenever you visit or become a client of private or non-private information is and or maybe collected.  This document will explain why we collect this information and how we may use it.
  3. Personal Information may include… – Information we need to identify you or contact you.  For example as a user of the site logging in we need to identify one user from another and need information to discern the difference of each visitor / client.  This information is inclusive of but not limited to name, age, locale(address), phone number, social security number or EIN, email, and credit card numbers.
    Know that credit card numbers are not kept on file but transacted per basis of order. In many cases the use of systems such as PayPal or Square allow us to never even see your credit card information and ensure an even more secure transaction for you.
  4. Some examples of NON-Personal INFORMATION Maybe… – demographic information you provide or that is collected through the use of cookies or other means.  This may include if provide or collected:
  5. age
  6. sex
  7. locale
  8. other demographic data
  9. browser type
  10. screen resolution
  11. IP Address
  12. Country of Origin
  13. Date of Visit
  14. Return visitor.?…
  15. So How Do We Collect This Information?  –  In Some Cases you gave it to us when we asked for it to send you information, publications, etc.,  In other cases again you gave it to us as a new or returning client with your purchase of materials or services.  Also in addition, information is collected by 3rd party vendors like PayPal during transactions and passed on to us for secure verification.  In other cases our marketing and hosting vendor may have or will collect information for us for demographic or sales purposes.  Again the information collected is passed onto us from the 3rd parties and only in cases like PayPal will they retain any information on record which is already authorized by you.
  16. What Do We Do With This Information?  –  With Personal Information we keep track of your purchases or services requested from us and the website.  We customize to your need and wants as deemed appropriate and offer appropriate help when needed.  In addition,  we stay in contact through information collected to inform of new services, offer news and advice, and hopefully be helpful with a word or two.
  17. Do We SHARE Information? — In A Word NO.  From time to time we work with other vendors and find something of use that we will follow along to you but your personal information will never be shared.
    Non-personal demographic information may be shared with 3rd party vendors for marketing evaluation, and planning purposes but your personal information will never be shared.
  18. Is Personal Information Storage Secure?  –  Yes.  Personal Information is secure and away from all parties and employees of .
  19. Did You Say You Use Cookies?  — Yes we use cookies for password and ID reference and as part of your viewing customization experience.  Also for demographic collection.
  20. I don’t want to give you my information, what are my options?  You do not have to give us any Personal Information to view some materials, whilst other materials and offers require that you do.  It is our policy to offer materials in exchange as part of an attempt to open dialogue.  At any time after opting to offer personal information you may opt out of being contacted with the following email:
  21. My Personal Information Has Changed What do I Do?  — Simply log into your account and edit it as you need.
  22. Does The Privacy Policy Change?  — It hasn’t yet but we reserve the right to do so.  If the policy does change check the date at the top of the page or your email for a policy change notice if you are a subscriber.  There will be ample time and option to the notice to determine your options and requirements and needs you may have.
  23. When You Leave – Note that from time to time this website or any of our websites may contain links to other sites with a different set of policies and actions.  We are not responsible for their policies or actions and especially once you leave our site and highly believe you should review their policies when entering others websites.