Our Story…

Many years ago, when these children were so small, some friends gave us an old play fort.  I added to it and we called it ‘Fort Blenheim’ after the area we lived in.

Over the years, I have been asked many times where Fort Blenheim is?  I simply must smile as I begin the story.  For you see, it was in my back yard.  It is in my heart, and in forever in the memory of my children playing.  I needed a name for my candle company.  I needed something that we as a family could be proud of to stand by when we went to markets, fairs and other events.

I wanted something, that like that Fort, stands the testament of weather and time.  I wanted something that no matter what showed that you if you want to do something, then do it to the best of your abilities, and make sure it is the best.  Thus, you are now holding evidence of that, your new Fort Blenheim Candle.

Blenheim is but a spot on the maps if you look closely enough.  There are a couple of famous vineyards there.  Oh, yeah, we were around making candles too!  And our good ole fort in the back yard.

They’re older now, as you can imagine.  Aren’t we all?  It has been a few years since that picture was taken.  They have their ambitions and ideas for life. One thing is for sure they still love, and know when they see a great candle.  We hope you enjoy yours!