About Us – The Candles Themselves… To. be. continued…

About the Fort Blenheim Candle Itself… 

WAX – Here at Fort Blenheim Candles the candles made for you are produced from natural feather palm wax.  The palm wax used is RSPO which is the Round-table of Sustainable Palm Oil.  They have of late gotten a lot flack about their inability to enforce the rules they require and are aware of the issues with this and ALL waxes to date.

Presently the decision to stick with RSPO palm wax is two-fold:  1st it is because of its clean renewable nature when done responsibly that the wax is used. 2nd as we here in America can attest they people of the region must be given a chance to work and clean up their act just as we are with our oil dependency and learning to change our ways.

SCENT – All Fort Blenheim Candles are specially blend hence the word in their name.  I want to make it clear though that I do not make scent.  I blend scents that I get from the scent houses to make something that is unique to our company and special for you.  I let the scent companies do what they do best and I do what I do best make great candles for you.

The scent designs are based upon both essential and synthetic blends and are mixtures of both.  I have found that I do not wish to work with strictly essential oils because if in the wrong proportions they are noxious, and all too often they can be dangerous to you the end user if it is made too strong.

OTHER MATERIALS – Whenever possible we use natural materials and such as natural wicking and whatever else as we can.  The end result is a candle that is approximately 90-97% natural approximately.  Very often not many candles are this high or any higher as they have steel safety wicks to consider and other materials.

THE END RESULT –  The end result is a candle that is clean burning and long-lasting.  Your Fort Blenheim Candle is as natural as we can design within what we feel is a realistic and safe design.  It is not about costs and money as all too often the case today, but about the quality of the product.  I am a firm believer in quality not quantity and will offer you the best product the first time and every time.

I want to re-iterate that your new candles are drip free and do not need folding.  Simply turn them once an hour and you will alter the air currents around them for an enhanced life that is even longer.

To. Be. Continued…. Blenheim Wax is in the wings folks!  stay tuned!