About the Chandler

About George Sellers — The Chandler of Fort Blenheim Candles

So, what about the maker / chandler – George Sellers? I am a former student of Physics from the University of Virginia and a former engineer.  I was a stay home dad to my children and wanted to have something to utilize my abilities as well as tap into my design abilities for equipment when through a series of events I discovered the candle making industry.

I design my equipment as I need and design scents that you would like to have in your home.  I try to think about what you would enjoy in the candles.  I make what you would want in your home to smell like and try to make something that isn’t commonplace or similar, but that invokes the memories of your life.

I use my experience in science and engineering to bring you the best possible candles.  I want you to have a safe candle, so I utilize a safety wick that puts it out for you in the very end.  I design the candle to not drip and need no folding for your convenience.  I enjoy making and designing my equipment and candles I hope you enjoy the product.