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Hi there!

So candles have been around for well over four thousand years.  They can be as simple as a wick, some wax and that’s it!  Today we call that a safety candle.  Pretty boring, but it does the job.  Candles have evolved into so incredibly much more.  We have the ability to color them, and to scent them to be just about anything you can imagine.  The important part though is that they are done well!  The important thing is that as they are done well they are tested properly so that when they arrive to you they burn properly and also do the job intended.  What is that job?  Well for the first thing, no smoking or soot for you!  That is the first sign of a improperly burning candle and one that is not made with the proper test or too long a wick to start.  As I go through and discuss the process of how I make candles as we go I will not only show you great candles I will tell you what to look for and what is a great candle!  I want you to have the knowledge that you need to know when you are getting the very best!  Thanks for reading and check back often.  Take care.

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