Unique Fragrances & Unique Design.

Hello and Welcome!

I am George Sellers, I established in 2008 and have been making candles for far longer. I have come to make and design small batch, uniquely fragranced, clean burning and long lasting candles that I create with fragrances based around an idea.  That idea is not what the industry wants me to make, yet rather what I think you want your home to be fragranced like.  Each fragrance is an individual design to my company.  The candles are free-standing jar-less luminary pillars that are drip and and curl free meaning you simply light them and put them on a candle plate and enjoy.  Come inside and see what this seasons line up has to offer. We also have our annual line up of six fragrances that we keep year round, and I am sure that we have something that is sure to please you.  Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy the selections we have for you, and the incredible quality we have put into these candles. The candles have a great life span as the 3” pillar lasts 65-80 hours and the 4” pillar lasts 85-100 hours.  Try them for yourself and see!   Thanks for shopping and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.