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Conditions of Usage

Fort Blenheim Candles and Affiliated Web Sites Usage Agreement

  1. George L. Sellers DBA (Doing Business As) Fort Blenheim Candles and all affiliated sites are a grouping of websites based in Charlottesville, Virginia United States of America.  Generally, they are an information-based series of websites while some may offer consumer products, services, advisory materials, free materials, or others.  You must understand and agree to this document, privacy policy, earnings declaration, and copyright declaration in order to use a Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated website.  By using a Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated website you agree to the terms and conditions of the aforementioned documents and that you have reviewed and accept them.  Ignorance by non-review is not an excuse.  If you do not accept the terms and conditions of the documents then your use, of the Fort Blenheim Candles, affiliated websites is prohibited and you must leave immediately.
  2. The present and current date of this document is 19 November 2012, and all previous copies are hereby rendered invalid.  This document will be reviewed periodically and updated if necessary.  It is up to you as a visitor to check for the current revision currently 1.00, however, users of Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites will be notified via email of any updates or revisions to documentation.
  3. Copyrights are covered previously in the copyright declaration and can be found here.
  4. Trademarks are the sole property of the third-party or Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites contained upon.  They may not be reproduced, likened, or copied in any way without the implicit written directions of George L. Sellers or the third-party owners.
  5. Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated website Control and the Internet –   You must understand that in today’s day and age of the internet Fort Blenheim Candles can only be responsible for our own materials, and what we offer supply to you.  We do not directly or indirectly condone or endorse any other materials stated.  Only when George L. Sellers and Fort Blenheim Candles identify themselves 1st will we offer or endorse a product to you.  However, it is stated before and again now use due diligence in your endeavors and decisions when arriving at a Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated website verify the address in your address bar and note such address.
  6. The risk of usage is your concerning the internet and Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites.  You must accept full responsibility that you take a risk going on the internet, and accessing ours or any sites for that matter.  We ensure the fitness of our downloads and emails.  Guarantees are made of products, services, and instructional but not the internet itself.  Every effort has been made to bring the most accurate and up to date complete information possible.  Any errors or misfortunes arising from any Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated website information are accidental and the use of secondary verifying sources is always recommended.  Users agree that information used to educate from Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites will be either be verified or reviewed with a trained professional prior to action.
  7. Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites cannot guarantee against internet or other interruptions.  However, every effort will be made in service to remedy defects of product or download disturbances to ensure product delivery.
  8. In respect to Public domain Materials, every effort is made to ensure that a modicum of decency is followed.  YET, due to the nature of internet and the broad spectrum of what some may deem decent, and not necessarily the views of Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated website or George L. Sellers, materials or language that may be offensive in nature may be exposed temporarily o public domain areas.  This is not necessarily our views, wishes, or decision, and every effort to control such material will be made, BUT be advised the possibility for exposure exists as it does in all the internet and society today.
  9. Notice of Liabilities – At no time will Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites be held liable for damages occurring directly, indirectly, as a result of, incidentally, in consequence of actions of not being able to utilize a site in the system or any materials, downloads, and the like.  Damages include loss of sales or profits, downloads, interruptions, etc., and even if we or a representative have been notified will we be liable in events of inability to use such items.
    The fact that some states and countries differ in context of law you may have different rights pertaining to consequential and incidental damages.  Upon those areas the liability is limited to the maximum level allowed per district or jurisdiction.
  10. Linking and Reverse Linking – A link to a non-Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites does not guarantee the validity of another site or its policies.  If another site upon the internet links to a Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated website then we have no control over them or their link policies or content and as a result cannot accept responsibility for such.  When another site links to a Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated website it in no way implies an endorsements by us or any of our sites.
  11. Violation Indemnity – Upon any violation of any of the aforementioned documents or this one you agree to hold harmless and indemnify George L. Sellers, the Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites, its employees, 3rd party vendors, and the like from any losses, damages, attorney fees and expenses, costs, and such as a result of the violations.  Violations include but are not limited to negligence, abuse and wrongful conduct by you or anyone utilizing your access to the site(s).
  12. Extents of Terms and Termination – “Unless expressly described elsewhere in terms of service of sales agreement to subscription service for a particular site this Extents of terms of termination holds true for any and all Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites.”
    The terms of termination may be activated by either party immediately or with prior written notice for any reason with no time limits required.  At any time can you or Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated officers, George L. Sellers, or a 3rd party vendor representatives duly appointed to do so terminate services for any reason.  However, upon termination COPYRIGHTS, TRADEMARKS, PART 11- VIOLATION INDEMNITY, AND SECTION 13 JURISDICTIONS, shall survive and remain in effect.
  13. Jurisdictions – This document and the aforementioned documents of the Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites shall be understood to be in compliance and governed by the laws of the commonwealth of Virginia in the United States of America.  You shall agree that if for any reason you so decide upon a legal action against Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites because of its obligations under these terms mentioned there in these documents then you will act accordingly in state or federal court sitting in the commonwealth of Virginia on the USA.  Any claims you may have because of interactions with Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites must be commenced within one year of the claim arising or the claim is excluded.  Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites failure to enact or direct enforcement no matter how strict or swift of any section, document, or division is not to be assumed an allowance or waiver of rights or a provision of usage.
  14. No use or practice of any party relating to the Fort Blenheim Candles affiliated websites shall be course of altering these documents and we may assign agents on our behalf to the enforcement of the document and or review at any time with or without notice